Browser anti detect. Google Maps Facing Ban In Germany Over Patent Infringement

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Google Maps may soon face a ban in Germany. A German court announced on Friday that it is inclined to issue an injunction against the popular mapping software. Google is currently locked in a patent litigation dispute over its mapping service.

Judge Dr. Matthias Zigann of the Munich I Regional Court warned Google and Motorola Mobility that he is leaning towards a ban on the product. Judge Zigann explains that the patenting being infringed covers “a big idea” owned by Microsoft. He further says the patenting infringement deserves a  “construction commensurate with said big idea.”

The specific patent in question involves a combination of mapping data and location data which is used to show restaurant recommendations on a map.

Google in early proceedings had asked the judge to tighten the scope of the patents reach. The judge denied Google’s request and has thus far refused to invalidate the claim.

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Microsoft would like a patent injunction to be issued for Google Maps in Germany. The injunction includes Google Maps, Google Maps for Android and Google Maps for web browsers.

Google would deny Google Maps by focusing in on German IP addressed and by removing Google Maps from its German Google play market. Google would also be forced to block Google Maps from its Google Chrome browser and OS in the country.

Google is expected to receive final confirmation of the courts decision within the next two months.

This is not the first time Google Maps has run into trouble in Europe. In February 2012 the company was forced to pay Bottin Cartographes $657,000 in compensation. In that case Google was found to be price squeezing its smaller competitors out of the open market. Google offered its product free to customers while Bottin Cartographes was forced to charge for its services.

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Do you think Google Maps will remain in Germany with a last minute Microsoft patent settlement?

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