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Google has just announced that it is adding a new feature to the Google+ platform.  Google made the announcement on the Google+ Developers Blog, which is Google’s official source of information about the Google+ platform. Application sign-in will allow users to sign in to your app with Google.  Whether developing an app for iOS, Android or the web, signing in with your Google+ info allows for both simplicity and security.  Google outlined the details of the new option in four essential points.

The first principle of the new sign in option has everything to do with simplicity and security. Essentially, by signing in to Gmail or any other Google service, you can use your already existing Google credentials to sign in to apps that are outside of Google. Through using the Google+ Sign-In you are offered all of the same protections and safeguards that you have with your Google account. You can also easily manage your signed-in apps.  In order to manage your signed-in apps you can visit  Android users can simply open the new Google Settings app.

The second principle from Google is that “desktop and mobile are better together.” Google+ Sign In helps users to easily set up apps across browsers, phones and tablets.  Google states that now when signing into a website with Google, users can install its mobile app on an Android device with only a single click.

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The third aspect pertains to sharing options.  Google+ Sign-In allows users to decide the details of their sharing options, including who to share specific information with, or if you want to share at all. Google also states that they do not let apps spray updates all over the stream so that only relevant activity will appear.

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The fourth and final aspect highlighted by Google is interactivity. With Google+ Sign-In, users can share from an app an “interactive” post.  When a contact clicks on this new “interactive” post in their Google+ stream, they will be taken inside the app for an opportunity to buy, listen to, or review what the user has shared. Some of the sites that are already using the new “Sign in with Google” button include Fitbit, The Guardian, USA Today and Open Table.

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